Sunday, September 08, 2019

Pilgrims way stage 3

It was a lovely sunny day, just perfect for the dozen walkers who were about to embark on what was very possibly our shortest ever walk, the two mile stretch of the Pilgrims Way which runs between Dunfermline town centre and Queen Margaret Hospital.

The group reached the starting point after bussing it from Kirkcaldy to arrive at Dunfermline Bus Station. A short walk brought them to Dunfermline Abbey which was to be a feature of todays programme. Unfortunately, unknown to us it was closed due to Communion being held. Not to be disappointed, we opted for coffee and cake! A good move as there is definitely an obvious lack of refreshment stops on this Pilgrims Way although I am sure the original Pilgrims would have been hard pushed to find a suitable latte stop.

Once on our way, we ventured up to the High Street then weaved our way past the retail park which eventually brought us to Leys Park where the path to Queen Margaret begins. Again, not much to see on this stretch but a pleasant enough walk along the path which runs between the back of the cemetery and the back of the Dunfermline Football ground before reaching the end where a left turn brought us to the hill leading us to Queen Margaret Hospital where we went our separate ways. 
Until next time.

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