Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dunnikier Park 24th January

The walking group were pleased to have Irene and Lorraine join us on Sunday 24th January . We left Asda's car park to walk through dunnikier park and the woods that skirt the golf course. The top path was very muddy with big puddles but no one had a Dawn French moment thankfully. We carried on along the path to carberry road and the industrial estate , it's not the prettiest place in kirkcaldy but it's not helped by the fly tippers who think it's ok to dump rubbish there ! The rest of the estate is very tidy and we walked on to the garden centre, June met us there and we all enjoyed tea and scone etc at the cafe. Back along the main road to our cars we were pleased we went on the walk, the weather was ok dry and mild for a change. Thanks to all who joined Audrey and me and for your great company.

Friday, January 08, 2016


The planned walk to Anstruther had to be abandoned today as the weather was pretty wild and one by one, walkers were chickening out until we were down to four people. So we chose the Limekilns route we did in 2012 instead. Folk seeing us with walking gear on at church thought we were mad but we four carried on regardless in the pelting rain.
By the time we parked up at Limekilns it had calmed down to a monsoon so we donned our waterproofs and made our way along the promenade, Taking the path along the saltpans road at Charleston and past the old harbour, we found a 'short cut' through glaur to West Road and out into country roads. We walked a circle bringing us back into Charleston village where coffee and scones were enjoyed at the Elgin Hotel.
Making our way back to the car, it was dry but cauld and Janis Phil, Carol and Dianne agreed that it had been worthwhile doing the walk to blow away the cobwebs from the old year.