Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lundin Links

'Not a lot of walking but a whole lot of fun' was how we advertised today's outing to Lundin Links. A church friend passed on this good idea to our group and Mary took it on board to get organised. It was a Murder Mystery created by a company called Treasure Trails Ltd. The company is based in Cornwall and have created these trails all over the UK - there are 18 in Fife! It proved to be a good team building activity and also very suitable for families. It made a great change, especially as we didn't want to be walking too many miles in the cold today. After splitting into teams Mary allowed 2 minutes between each team before we set off on the trail to reduce the possibility of cheating. At clue number one we were all stumped so had to get a wee hint to get us off our marks. From there we caught the drift and worked our way through Lundin Links walking 2.5 miles without even noticing.
There were 24 clues on walls, windows, pub signs and telegraph poles but we managed to get all of them and discovered who committed the murder and with which weapon. Case solved Hercule!
It was amazing how competitive  the sleuths among us became and how stealthily we shared information among our team just incase a spy was eavesdropping.
We met up at Jane's coffee shop on the Main Street where we had a lovely coffee and scone and some of us did some Christmas shopping in the gift shop there.
It was indeed a whole lot of fun, so much so, Mary is already planning to purchase the Falkland Trail so that our group can have a go next summer. Thank you Mary and Joe who did the practice trail with their family TWICE before today. Belt and braces.