Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rumblingwell to Cairneyhill

After church on Sunday 16 August with no coffee provision after the service due to building developments in the halls,  4 walkers had their lunch in the church garden, sitting on the benches recently installed. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the flowers were blooming and I think as the group gathered there were comments that it would be lovely just to spend the afternoon there

We were a small group, 9 in total, mainly folks working or on holiday but sadly some called off with sore bits, so we were thinking about them. Now believe it or not but preparation for this walk involved sun screen lotion, yes you've read it correctly, not many days this summer that we can say this

Heading off in 2 cars we drove to the Rumblingwell area of Dunfermline where we walked along the old rail track, now a lovely Tarmac path which goes all the way to Clackmannan (11.5 miles). As typical of rail tracks often the views are restricted due to the embankments, however we had distraction in the form of red and yellow raspberries, which we had our fill of as we walked along. The farmers were out in the fields and a Combine Harverster was out cutting the golden harvest. Lots of chatter and laughter could be heard, so much that at times we didn't hear the cyclists approaching us.

After about 2.5 miles and a couple of sookie sweeties later we headed left of the path and took to a lovely quiet road, Pitdinnie Road,  which led from Carnock to Cairneyhill. Stopping briefly for a photo stop we headed on past Forreter Park Golf Course towards Fairleys Garden Centre where we enjoyed cake and coffee before having a wee browse around the plants and shop. Mary couldn't resist the buying urge and bought a lovely flowering plant which will certainly add colour to her garden

Heading for home we got the Kelty bus which dropped us off at the "Glen Gates" and we walked the last half mile back to our cars

Finishing with our walkers prayers and keeping all our walking friends close in thought we headed back to Kirkcaldy with skin tones just a little pinker