Sunday, April 15, 2018

Leslie to Markinch

After some awful weather in Fife recently, we were blessed with the best of days for a brisk 5 miler from Cabbageha in Leslie to Markinch train station almost in straight light through Glenrothes. Boblingen Way is a great , safe pathway for walkers, cyclists and for tots learning to go a scooter, as we saw. Scenery? Well, not much to speak of. Today seemed to be all about the exercise and of course the conversations were travelling at the same speed as we were walking - 6 conversations at the one time. We make a heck of a row. In fact,  from the front looking back at one point, we looked and sounded like we were on some sort of protest march! 
Refreshments today were once again at Banners in Markinch who produced some great scones for us  and a good strong cup of coffee. Good service deserves a return visit, we agreed. Because this had been a linear walk, one driver had to take the other drivers back to the start to collect the cars. Thanks Hilda. The photo was taken at the same place as we took one last time we did this walk a few years ago. Some new faces, and some getting older. Aw. Thirteen, they say, is unlucky for some - not for the 13 who walked today. A good healthy afternoon with likeminded friends. We are lucky.