Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dams Cottage Rameldry

Today we paid a return visit to Walter and Margaret Simpson’s lovely cottage in the beautiful countryside above Kingskettle (see blog June 2014)

We were warmly welcomed by our hosts and we had a lovely relaxing afternoon, enjoying good company. We split into three groups, some to stay at the cottage in front of the blazing fire, discussing various local topics with Walter One small group set forth led by Margaret, on a 2 mile route through countryside and wood while the slightly larger group headed off on a 4 mile walk

Now walking up the side of the horses’ field at the start of the longer walk, one of the walkers decided to try and entice one of the beautiful horses to come over to us for a photo opportunity. Leaning forward she grasped the fence, yep electric fence, and felt her feet tingle as the electric surge went through her. Yes she’s now got curly hair!

Both walking groups returned to the cottage at the same time and a lovely afternoon tea of scones and goodies followed

Yes you’ve guessed it, the rain stayed off until we were leaving and heading back to the cars

Thanks to all for a lovely afternoon of friendship