Sunday, March 13, 2016

Birnie and Gaddon Lochs and Collessie

A lovely calm and dry afternoon greeted us as 16 walkers started our walk from Birnie & Gadden Loch car park. It was lovely to have Joe with us again and he paced himself as we set out on the mostly clean paths around the lochs. The car park was busy today and most folks must have had the same idea to get out and enjoy the spring like weather. 

We admired the beautiful daffodils adding a splash of welcome colour to the countryside and noted some bushes sprouting their new green growth. The groups of dainty but resilient snowdrops reminded me when the St Johns BBs planted snowdrops during a small service we held in the church garden following the Dunblane tragedy, exactly 20 years ago. How time moves on

Walking around Gaddon Loch and some way around Birnie Loch we then left them behind as we headed for Collessie, a beautiful conservation hamlet. Luckily we had Isabel back with us and she regularly visited her grandparents home and she was able to regale us with lots of information. There are lots of lovely thatched cottages and wee wynds. We stopped at the tap where she was sent to fill the pail with water before she had to lug it back to the cottage. 

Pooh sticks then just happen to be mentioned so nothing would do but Pooh sticks were sourced and sent off sailing under the wee bridge that crossed the Den Burn. 6 were launched and three sailed successfully under the bridge. As you can see we were intent on spotting them!

Passing the Thatched Studio (The Auld Washie), Marianna Lines the Artist hailed us and opened the studio so we could look around. Marianna told us about the conversion of the wash house and built into the walls we spotted an Ammonite, pieces of pottery and some bones together with small pebbles and large stones

Retracing our steps we completed the walk around Birnie Loch, collected our cars and made our way to the Lomond Hills Hotel in Freuchie, where we were warmly welcomed into the lounge with lit fire where we enjoyed coffee, tea and scones

Another lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.