Sunday, March 17, 2013


It was popular last time, so Mary procured another Treasure Hunt in Falkland this time. We were late starting off today as there had been a lot going on at church, meetings etc so we only had time for the treasure hunt without the walking. In teams of 4 we wandered around the village keeking at folks' window sills and door lintels and snooping up closes looking for the answers to the clues. We were even in a graveyard all looking for someone who had been a parochial teacher. Got him too!
Some clues were either at the very top or very low down on a lamppost; we thought Audrey had collapsed when we saw her lying down on the road, but she was just determined to get the clue before anyone else. It's fun watching how competitive we get and protective over our answer sheets.
It was bitterly cold when we arrived at The Hayloft for refreshments. Our glasses steamed up in the heat of the cafe, and the smell of treacle scones hit the spot. We were treated well by the staff who really should have been closed by 4.00pm so we gave them full marks. Back at the carpark we said our usual wee prayer and wished each other a safe journey home.