Wednesday, December 12, 2012


There was a lot to pack in this afternoon so we just had a dander around about the town. We walked down Salisbury Street, along Balsusney Road and emerged at Bennochy Bridge. Crossing at the roundabout, 18 of us plus babe in pram walked along Forth Avenue humming 'the Hens' March to the Middens.' Along Oriel Rd we split up, most of us taking the route through the woods while Joe and Mary walked on the path straight up Oriel Road with their great nephew, Charlie, in the pram. Meeting up again at the top of Broom Road, we all headed up Longbraes in pairs, like a nursery school outing. Folk in cars looked on in wonder.
Mary took this photo at the top of the hill; you can just see the new hospital at the right of the picture, and Rona who had commandeered the pram by that time from the other pseudo grans.
Heading downwards, Bennochy Road took us right down to Forth Park, as was, and the church was just a few minutes away. Bob and Margaret who couldn't make the walk, opened up the church for us and had glasses of ginger wine ready to warm the cockles on this bitter, but beautiful winter's day.
Now, as this was our Christmas walk, we had a daft craft to complete before we could get our refreshments. As you can see by the photos, it was more of a puzzle than a craft but we did manage to create 18 twig stars out of, yes, twigs. Some folk were not entirely convinced that these are trendy. They are certainly rustic and organic, if you like that sort of thing. Here is one in situ with fat ball attached for the little robins to feast on.
We then retired to the Methven hall where we had cinnamon scones and chocolate roulade ( thank you Janis) and a hot cup of kirk tea. Yecannywhackit.

Even baby Charlie needed refreshed. Grandad Bob was happy to oblige.

They thought it was all over............
just to finish off on a Christmas note, we had a wee quiz won by Bob, Margaret, Pat*, Margaret* and Janet.
          .. is now.
(*welcome to these two new walkers. We hope you come again.)

That's all for this year folks, but already working on the first walk of 2013.

May the spirit of the season warm your hearts. Peace, love and Christmas joy to all.