Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oriel Road/ Longbraes

We're still staying round about the doors as the weather can't be trusted, so today we walked down Salisbury Street again and along Balsusney Road till we reached Bennochy bridge ( there's that word again...). This time we went along Forth Avenue crossed over to Masserene Road and along Ferrard Road. Once on Oriel Road, moving north we soon reached the woods and it felt like being in the countryside again, even although we were only a few yards from very busy traffic on th A910. It was a bit muddy in parts but a pleasant walk for all that, approx one mile and on a very gradual incline - not tough enough to get pecht. There were 8 walkers today - Irene, Mary, Joe, Winnie, Hilda, Lorraine, Rona and Dianne, and boy could we all talk. So much so that we probably didn't look around as much as usual. Too busy putting the world to rights. Anyway, we emerged from the woods at the bottom of Broom Road and proceeded along Longbraes, with Rabbit Braes on our left. The view from the crest of the hill of course was, as always, breathtaking as it is never twice the same. Today we could see far across the water where there is still snow on the Pentlands. The Forth was busy with boats of various sizes and although there was a little atmospheric water vapour (we don't get rain)today, it could not spoil the pleasure we took from the panoramic overview of our town. And the new Victoria Hospital looks spectacular from up there! Always ready for a cuppa, we popped into the Steadings. It is Valentines Day today and the Steadings staff were apparently anxiously awaiting an influx of romantic celebrants to fill their many empty tables and so we were asked to sit near the door. Maybe it was the boots. We enjoyed our coffees and still found more to talk about. And as we left, the Steadings staff were still waiting for the lovies to arrive....
We walked at a fair skelp today so arrived back at the church much earlier than expected. I had been so distracted by the irritating need to keep putting my hood up and down again, I forgot my duty to take photos for the blog. Let's hope Mary's one turned out . To be added at a later date.