Sunday, January 27, 2013


It's exctly 2 years since we did this walk, and not surprisingly exactly the same weather.  As before we began at St Columbas church car park and headed for Riverside Park. The paths, and particularly the steps down into the park, were impassable because of snow and ice so all 15 of us cautiously teetered down the banking, without any calamities. The obstacle course continued through the park as we had to avoid pretty deep puddles as well as flowing water. Our boots were well and truly tested today. The river Leven was in full spate and we wondered if it would stay put when all this snow melts. We've seen a lot of floods on the news recently including some freak weather in Fife. We just have to accept that this could be the norm from now on and take precautions to avoid our land
and properties from being drowned.
We passed the once magnificent Leslie house, built for 7th Earl of Rothes, and in our lifetimes an eventide home owned by the Church of Scotland. Sadly after a fire destroyed the building in 2009 it is just a shell, gutted and left for us to remember how majestic it once was. Emerging near Fettykil Fox we crossed the road and made for the Whinneyknowe housing estate near Leslie. The rain came on a bit there and we felt a bit exposed to the elements. Just off Ballingall Road there are stairs which take you right to the Balgeddie House Hotel and so we made our way there, looking forward to our refreshments by then. The management of the hotel was expecting us, and despite being forewarned about our muddy boots, they had set a long table for us in a delightful room. Pots of tea and coffee and gorgeous hot scones with jam and cream were served which made everyone warm to the hotel and talk about going back there for a meal or a spa. Very good service.

Once refreshed, we found our way to the woods through mire and glaur but safely to Whinneyknowe once again. There is a long straight path which led us directly to Balgeddie Lodge near the main Leslie Road. We had intended to take a lovely wee walk next to the river, past the waterfall and under the A911, but barriers had been placed there for our safety lest the river burst its banks and so we had to take a detour through the park again but from a different angle.
The last part of the walk was uphill so a few of us were peching a bit by the time we reached Napier Road. And the chat at that time was sharing memories of first houses after marriage in Glenrothes.
That seemed to happen a lot in the 70s/80s because Glenorthes Corporation at that time built good social housing for families with gardens, garages and dining rooms. Previously unheard of for 'ordinary' folk to have a dining room.
You don't notice the miles going by when you're chatting. It must have been around 5 miles though.
Back at our starting point we said our prayer and our goodbyes. Another good one chalked up.

Monday, January 07, 2013


A Guid New Year tae ane an' a', an' mony may ye see.

I wonder what 2013 will bring to the folk in the walkers group? Good health and happiness I hope, and wee touch of prosperity wouldn't go amiss. Keeping near to home again just incase we had snow, we chose to walk from Kinghorn to Burntisland. We don't usually like walking near main roads but today we drowned the traffic noise out with all the blethering we were doing. A lot of chat to catch up on re Christmas and New Year festivities.
The weather was great for a brisk walk and the scenery across the Forth as always deserves a mention. Inchkeith seemed to be standing out in 3d and the view would have made a great jigsaw for those with that interest. Once in Burntisland, we walked up Craigkennochie Terrace just to ensure we took in the very best views. We were all admiring the beautiful old villas and guessing the current market prices. We crossed over to Manse Place where the houses were a mixture of 19th to 21st century yet all fitted into the area comfortably. Once in the High Street conversations changed to the types of shops, and sadly the empty premises, but there was a good community feeling about the place. Our waterhole today was Potter About, a lovely and very well managed cafe/bistro /shop/and childrens play area, where we had organised 14 scones to be waiting for us.  Unfortunately we were looking forward to  some live music but the musicians were unwell. It is a nice atmosphere in the cafe though so we enjoyed our visit all the same. We could have chosen at that point to take a bus back to Kinghorn but the vote was to walk back again as it was still daylight. Once back at the start where Stephen informed us that we had walked 5.8 miles, we stood in the grounds of the former Cabarfeidh Nursing Home, formed an impromptu circle and as is our habit, said a wee prayer before departing for home. We do know how fortunate we are. Lang may our lums reek.