Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kennoway Den

There was a definite air of solemnity when we gathered today. Remembrance Day is becoming more significant year by year as our country continues to lose young men and women serving with our armed forces. Robin, our minister, conducted a very moving service which left the congregation deep in thought and gratitude to those who have sacrificed all for the security of our country, protection of our people, and for justice in other lands. We prayed for all who have suffered terrible injuries, for innocent victims of war and for those who must endure the loss of loved ones always. We will remember them.
We left promptly so that we could get our walk in and have our refreshments before dusk at 1608. It was a short journey to the Leven roundabout near Windygates where we parked up in the car park there. We had our gaiters on today as a warning had been given re the probability of a glaury walk. A short distance towards Leven, we turned off onto a perfectly flat, straight tarmaced path which leads from Methil I believe, to Kennoway. This surface allowed us to stride out and get off to a favourable start. At Kennoway we crossed the road which led out to the countryside, a gradual but not stressful incline for a good mile. On a clear day the view from the top takes in Elie Bay to North Berwick, and westerly to Moss Moran. Today however, was a grey day limiting our views to Methil. The road led us passed Grange of Kingsdale farm which we only noticed at the end of the road had a 'Private Road' sign up. Now we had to get on to the road - Linkwood Road - which is fairly narrow and on which traffic travels fast despite poor visibility, so we were given fair warning by Rona who was leading today, and proceeded with care. Just before reaching the town we branched off into Kennoway Den and felt safe again. The Den must be at its best in autumn.

The winding path took us through carpets of leaves of every colour and the trees were hanging on to the last of their foliage before the onset of winter nips them away.

We couldn't have chosen a better time to see the Den in it's glory. The burn was running fast and it was so picturesque, those of us who had astonishingly never heard of this place were captured by it's beauty.

Our lungs now detoxed we emerged from the Den straight across the road into the Burns Tavern where staff had been advised of our arrival. Now, not only did we have a room of our own (nothing to do with our attire) but we were served tea and coffee and three huge plates of scones of all different species! Jams and cream in plentiful supply and excellent service. Whatsmore the price was reasonable. We all agreed that we would share our experience with others and patronise it again both as a group and with our families. Bruce Forsyth's new catchphrase jumped to mind : "Kennoway Burns, you're my favourite."
Still well before dusk we had another 15 minutes of walking back to our cars where we gathered and prayed before departing for home, grateful for fellowship shared and more memories made.