Tuesday, July 19, 2016


On Sunday 3rd July we had a lovely walk around Letham village and Monimail. This was a repeat walk as we had walked it some years previously but it was just as nice this time around. Letham is a pretty wee village with traditional cottages and lovely cottage gardens with flowers blooming. You very quickly walk through the the village and up School Brae, a bit of a pech. We headed west and then south taking us past Monimail Parsh Church to a road junction where there was a large triangular piece of grass with a seat and large tree which later offered a bit of shelter when we stopped to have our picnic

At this point there are two graveyards, one very old with a part structure of the original church and a newer graveyard, of which we had a walk around. The names on the grave stones caused much discussion especially when we saw names such as Stark and Traill

Bearing north we walked up a lane/track and were greeted by a wee dog who wanted to say hello. Horses in the fields were also very inquizative. We continued up this track until we took the turn for Pathcondie Farm which then took us in a circuit back to our picnic site. On our approach Joe opened the boot of the car and brought out a picnic table, flasks, cups, home baked cakes and biscuits. Well a small shower wasn't going to dampen that

Suitably restored we investigated Monimail tower and gardens before heading back to our cars parked at Letham village hall. This was a lovely peaceful walk which gave good countryside views and could easily be extended to give a longer walk