Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dalgety Bay

Charlie wrote -
On Sunday, 20th July, a hot and sunny afternoon, to be relieved occasionally by cloud cover and a  breeze, welcomed 18 members of the walking group to Braefoot Bay, to explore the delights in and around Dalgety Bay.   Joined the coastal path, aka Beech Avenue, for a short time before turning onto Braefoot Point path which runs between two fields and enters a woodland area to arrive at a disused Second World War stone pier.
From here can be viewed wonderful panoramas of the River Forth, Edinburgh and the Lothians.
Not to be missed.   This area was home to a Gun Batttery during the war and some of the buildings are still evident.   Exited the trees and moved west along the minor road to St. Bridget's Kirk, the ruins of a medieval church dating back to 1170.
  Turned inland and up and over a bit of a gradient in the road leading to the Cornerstone Church and in turn to the Eastern Access Road.
Then proceeded to take the first right into Ridge Way and through the Industrial Estate to the Garden Centre for a refreshing cuppa, goodies and a blether.
All too soon, it was back on the road again, the Western Access, that is, in the direction of the shore.
Regent Way was next to be traversed, soon to be followed by Moray Way South and an entrance to the coastal path with some different perspectives of the Forth and surrounding area.  Worth seeing.
The circuitous route revisited St Bridget's Kirk and then on to Beech Avenue once more for the final stretch to the Car Park.   The distance of 6 miles was a wee bit more than had been anticipated but most enjoyable nevertheless.