Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Thanks must go to Hamish Brown again for planning the route for today's walk. It has been a glorious day in wonderful Fife countryside and our souls are all the better for soaking up the wholesomeness (is that a word?). You can tell this was a good 'un.
We parked at Kettlehill and walked in a circle through Coaltown of Burnturk, Downfield Farm,actually through ploughed fields and over fences, some of us surprised at our own agility. We encountered many heilan' coos and sheep with their wee lambs today, and a prize bull gave us the evil eye as he heard us estimating how many steaks he could provide. We kind of went astray at farm houses called Brotus, but ended up on Middleton Road, the Main Road leading back into Burnturk. We stopped a couple of times on this road to give way to drivers who were clearly not interested in taking in the views. But we also stopped at the best vantage point to enjoy the spectacular views from the Lomonds across the Howe of Fife which was at its best today. Downhill from here on in, we stopped in Burnturk at a dilapidated old house which had a breadbin in the open window. On investigation it seems that daily newspapers are deposited here for collection by the local folk. How quaint.
The pedometer showed only just over 4 miles but we all think it got it wrong again.
On to Muddy Boots for our refreshments and planning for the next couple of walks. 15 friends shared a lovely, healthy afternoon with a lorra lorra laughs. Yecannawhackit.