Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Bennochy Walkers Summer Outing

Saturday 15 July 

As we travelled up the A9 heading for Birnam and Dunkeld for our summer trip there was certainly a sense of Deja Vu ( see blog of Sunday 10 July 2011 ). Car windscreen wipers swishing away with the sky a beautiful colour of battleship grey we kept our spirits up believing that just maybe the forecast was wrong. And it was

We welcomed back amongst us Isobel and Mary, it was lovely to have you with us again and a new wee walker, Anna, Janis's granddaughter

Parking at the Birnam Hotel, where we would be returning to eat at the Inn situated to the rear of the hotel, we headed south along Perth Road before taking a small road to the left used by fishermen to get to the banks of the beautiful river Tay. The river was fast moving, some small areas of white water and other running still and deep

This lovely track brought us to the ancient Birnam Oak and mighty 

It was hard to think about the length of time they had been growing here and the history they had witnessed. 

Continuing along the riverbank we approached Telford's Bridge with its majestic 7 spans, reaching the road by climbing the steep steps up to the Toll House. 

Once over the bridge in Dunkeld we took another steep set of steps down towards the riverbank where we stopped to enjoy our picnic

Refreshed we headed to Dunkeld Square which was a hive of activity with the Dunkeld Art Exhibition underway and also a wee craft fair. Taking some time here and before going to look for Flora's Cake Shop Anna commented that the Atholl Memorial Fountain was similar to the Bruce Fountain in Falkland - well spotted 

Skirting freshly cut fields and the Cathedral we made or way back to the riverside  walking until we almost reached the Dunkeld Hilton returning via the Bishops Path, which skirted through woodland and was high above the river so giving different views. This led us back to the Cathedral where we spent some time before having a saunter via the shops back to the Birnam Inn where we enjoyed food and fellowship

Completing the day with our walkers prayer we enjoyed a lovely run back to Fife. 

Different Walks (Rachel Fox)

There is walking,
And then there's this:

Giant steps stretched out around a tiny town,
Bright lights that hang just too low down,
Dry mouth, long night, somewhere to be,
Feet moving, moving, constantly.

And then again there is walking,
And then there is this:

The pansy by the path with its soft, soft face,
The daffodils singing uninvited as ever,
The blackbirds busy, everything just so,
So vibrant, so violent, so full, this life.