Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Wemyss 10th April 2016

Coastal and country walk

It was drizzling a bit as we left the church but forever hopeful we set out in the cars for West Wemyss. Parking at the lovely wee harbour at West Wemyss we struck out on the coastal path for East Wemyss. Rain had made the path a bit muddy so there was some dodging of puddles but as we walked on the drizzle stopped and the sun came out. The most strenuous part of the walk was the climb from the shore up towards McDuff Castle but there's a couple of benches where we had a brief stop to get our breath back

Crossing the A 955 we followed a  small path which led onto a grassy track, some bits a bit muddy and walked out into the countryside. We headed up a lovely track towards Easter Newton farmhouse, now sadly boarded up. This was the home of Mr & Mrs Shedden who worship at Bennochy and was their home for 52 years. They regularly walked the track from the farmhouse to the church at East Wemyss and also hosted the Sunday School picnic in the field in front of the house. Mr Shedden recalled filling up an urn of cows milk from their dairy for the children coming to the picnic. 

Daffodils were in full bloom, some in great swathes and others in in small clusters. Spring greens were starting to show in the hedgerows and trees and the birds were singing away enjoying the warmth from the sun. Following tracks and paths we walked into Coaltown of Wemyss and from there it was all downhill and back to the cars at West Wemyss

Driving to Wellsgreen Golf Range we enjoyed our tea, coffee and cakes before saying our walkers prayer and heading home. This was a slightly longer walk at 6 miles and s lovely day to enjoy it in