Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ravenscraig Park

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cupar and the Simpson Bridge

Eleven walkers left the church at the usual time and headed for Fluthers Car Park.   Yes, it was raining, but the optimistic group thought it might be ok.

We left the car park, walking past the War Memorial into Station Road, turned right into Waterend Road and from there we walked along the riverside as far as Millgate.   On a good day this would be a beautiful, peaceful walk seeing flora and fauna on the way to the nature ponds was raining more heavily.

From Millgate we walked into Millbank (it was raining even more heavily) and then into Brighton Road, passing some lovely houses whose gardens would normally have caused us to 'stop and stare' and the playing fields but no-one was playing as it was pelting down!

We entered Cuparmuir and it was then that the decision was taken to abandon the walk; defeated we returned to the car park.   Rained off!

However....smiles soon returned when we arrived at Muddy Boots.   Warm, drier, and with cups of tea or coffee and lovely scones, cream and jam, the usual chat and laughter returned.

Maybe not the best walk we've ever had, but I'm sure we'll remember it and maybe even try it again when the weather's fairer.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Devilla Forest

Happy to report that, on a pleasant October day, 18 members of the Walking Group took part in a forest walk.   There were 2 groups, 1 group of 7 decided on the Red Squirrel Trail and the remaining 11 took to ramble the wider area of the forest.
The Red Squirrel Trail is adjacent to the Car Park and is 1.2 miles in length.   There is an abundance of Scots Pine trees which conveniently make an ideal habitat for the Red Squirrel who just happen to like pine cone seeds.  The trail loops around a beautiful woodland loch, the Bordie Loch, taking in the Standing Stone which marks the Battle of Bordie in 1038.   Alas no squirrels to be seen but a most enjoyable walk nevertheless.
The ramble headed northwards to join the trail for Kincardine passing the ruins of a military base, Preybrae Second World War Explosive Research Station.   At the next crossroads, the Dunfermline/Alloa trail was selected and part way along a diversion was made to the east end of Peppermill Dam for a photo shoot.   The dam was created to be the water supply for the local paper mill which has since closed.   The dam remains as a peaceful haven for local wildlife.   Steps were retraced back to the crossroads, continued eastward to find a fork in the trail, taking the right hand option, known as the Coastal Cycleway, to the Car Park.   A walk of 2 hours covering 5 miles.

 The Potting Shed Cafe within the Walled Garden was but a few minuted away by car.   A comfortable and interesting venue for coming together over tea/coffee and scones.  

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dams Cottage Rameldry

Today we paid a return visit to Walter and Margaret Simpson’s lovely cottage in the beautiful countryside above Kingskettle (see blog June 2014)

We were warmly welcomed by our hosts and we had a lovely relaxing afternoon, enjoying good company. We split into three groups, some to stay at the cottage in front of the blazing fire, discussing various local topics with Walter One small group set forth led by Margaret, on a 2 mile route through countryside and wood while the slightly larger group headed off on a 4 mile walk

Now walking up the side of the horses’ field at the start of the longer walk, one of the walkers decided to try and entice one of the beautiful horses to come over to us for a photo opportunity. Leaning forward she grasped the fence, yep electric fence, and felt her feet tingle as the electric surge went through her. Yes she’s now got curly hair!

Both walking groups returned to the cottage at the same time and a lovely afternoon tea of scones and goodies followed

Yes you’ve guessed it, the rain stayed off until we were leaving and heading back to the cars

Thanks to all for a lovely afternoon of friendship  

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rumblingwell to Cairneyhill

After church on Sunday 16 August with no coffee provision after the service due to building developments in the halls,  4 walkers had their lunch in the church garden, sitting on the benches recently installed. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the flowers were blooming and I think as the group gathered there were comments that it would be lovely just to spend the afternoon there

We were a small group, 9 in total, mainly folks working or on holiday but sadly some called off with sore bits, so we were thinking about them. Now believe it or not but preparation for this walk involved sun screen lotion, yes you've read it correctly, not many days this summer that we can say this

Heading off in 2 cars we drove to the Rumblingwell area of Dunfermline where we walked along the old rail track, now a lovely Tarmac path which goes all the way to Clackmannan (11.5 miles). As typical of rail tracks often the views are restricted due to the embankments, however we had distraction in the form of red and yellow raspberries, which we had our fill of as we walked along. The farmers were out in the fields and a Combine Harverster was out cutting the golden harvest. Lots of chatter and laughter could be heard, so much that at times we didn't hear the cyclists approaching us.

After about 2.5 miles and a couple of sookie sweeties later we headed left of the path and took to a lovely quiet road, Pitdinnie Road,  which led from Carnock to Cairneyhill. Stopping briefly for a photo stop we headed on past Forreter Park Golf Course towards Fairleys Garden Centre where we enjoyed cake and coffee before having a wee browse around the plants and shop. Mary couldn't resist the buying urge and bought a lovely flowering plant which will certainly add colour to her garden

Heading for home we got the Kelty bus which dropped us off at the "Glen Gates" and we walked the last half mile back to our cars

Finishing with our walkers prayers and keeping all our walking friends close in thought we headed back to Kirkcaldy with skin tones just a little pinker

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Markinch to Leslie


For a variety of reasons, many of our group had to pull out of today's walk so there were only ten of us made the journey to Markinch Railway Station where we parked up. The route started at Carleton House, property of the local authority, but one time the world famous John Haig Whisky bottling factory.

Dimple Whisky 70cl

Some of us will remember the famous Haig's Dimple in it's distinctive pinched bottle with its gilded mesh. So if you have one of these unopened little gems from the '70s at the back of your drinks cabinet it will be worth a cool £80 now.
The route was formally the Markinch - Leslie railway line, closed in the 1960s - hardly any of the tracks still visible. So on tarmac almost all the way, we crossed the Balbirnie viaduct at which we read the Leslie Railway Line plaque which  told us that we had another 4.5 miles to go to reach Leslie.
Engrossed in conversations, we didn't note too much of the surroundings, and with the weather looking ominous, we were making progress rather than stopping and admiring the views as we usually do. At a choice of two paths, we chose the left as the right would have taken us to the sadly, former Tullis Russell Papermills which closed recently . This would have been Auchmuty Junction when the railway was in use. We emerged into Alburne Park, from there walking under the A92 towards the Lomond Centre. The path we took up is actually the cycle path through Glenrothes called Boblingen Way and so it was a good surface, easy walking. Some way into Warout Wood, we needed an energy boost so the sweetie bag was passed around with the usual instruction, "one for your mouth and one for your pocket."
Passing some industrial buildings, the familiar outline of the Lomonds came into view. We Fifers must have the contours of these hills etched on our brains - they are always strangely comforting. 
Now crossing the busy South Parks Road  we approached the 14 arch Leslie viaduct which took us over the River Leven and a herd of black cattle below.
The last stretch of the legs up the brae called Cabbagehall past the site of Fettykil, yet another of the papermills for which this part of Fife was well known and yes, now also defunct. Time for coffee and scones. Well, at the risk of being offensive Leslie, I couldn't think of a nice coffee shop ( but have since been informed of one - the Twa Hens)  so who else might make good scones? Correct. The Women's Guild at Trinity Parish Church of course.
The ladies had the tables set for our arrival and we were well impressed by the welcome we had there and the goodies on offer. Thank you Mary and friends for providing us with refreshments.
Hope you can call in at Bennochy some Thursday morning to the Olive Branch Community Café where we can reciprocate with coffee and homemade cakes. ( unashamed plug!)
Another lovely, healthy afternoon spent with good friends.
How fortunate we are.


Twenty members of the group set off by car for Falkland where we caught the bus, which we nearly filled, must have made it the busiest journey for some time on this route.  We were whisked away to Strathmiglo, deposited outside the local pub and waved away by a very bemused driver.  Made our way down through California (yes honestly) to reach the path for Falkland.  Bit of an ascent initially for a quarter of a mile, but the next stretch to woodland provided panoramic views eastward to Dunshalt and westward to Gateside.  A pleasant day, fair, overcast and warm.  Traversed the woodland path and minor road to the Pillars of Hercules with the Lomond Hills for company along our route.  More woodland followed with the Squirrel Walk before passing the cricket ground and a tented village which had been erected in conjunction with Youth Theatre and then back into Falkland.  The walk was just short of five miles, a canny dander indeed.  Next stop, the Lomond Hotel, Freuchie, for relaxation over a cuppa and the customary scone with mouth watering additions.

Sunday, June 07, 2015


16 walkers left the church on 7th June for the car park on the promenade in Leven.   Foregoing the attractions of the Action Zone we proceeded along the beach  to the end of the caravan park when a left turn was made between the two golf courses (and where Mary handed out the usual one for now and one for your pocket).   Passing through the walled garden at Silverburn we proceeded to the north entrance and crossed the busy A915 to the road leading up to Blacketyside Farm, passing many fruit tents where ripening strawberries made your mouth water.    Passing Blacketyside House and across the B927 we proceeded past Coldstream Farm to the top of Letham Glen.  Through a gateway of small round stones we made our way down into the Glen stopping at the outdoor exercise equipment where some of our walkers couldn’t resist “having a go”.   At the formal entrance we crossed to take the path by the Scoonie Burn and back towards the promenade where we were joined by Joe for our usual tea, coffee, scones and musical tables and chairs at the Leven Golf Society Golf Club.   We finished this most enjoyable day with the walker’s prayer before departing for home.   

Monday, April 20, 2015

Forth Road Bridge


Our walking group left the church on Sunday 19th April. There was 18 of us and we welcomed two new walkers Wilma and Ronnie. We started our walk from the car park at the north queens ferry hotel, we were hoping to do the west side of the bridge so we could get a good view of the new bridge but it was closed so we had to do the windy east side. With three novice bridge  walkers, Isobel  Janet and Wilma we hoped they would be ok and once they got chatting and enjoying the views they were fine. Dianne had to leave us halfway to go to work and we met Joe in South Queens Ferry where we walked on though the town to the rail bridge bistro for tea and scones. We were met with a warm welcome and very efficient service from the staff so I think we will be back again soon.
   Mary took some group photos of us on the prom with the bridges in the background , we are so lucky to have such a super place to visit . Back though the town we had a good look at the many gift shops (of course) and over the windy bridge again to our cars, we finished another great walk with the walkers prayer.
  Many thanks for you great company Janis