Sunday, March 10, 2019


Sunday 10th March 2019

A dozen hardy walkers, braving the cold, headed off from our usual meeting place at the church, all with fingers crossed in the hope it would stay dry, which luckily it did.

Todays starting point was Leven Promenade which seems to now have an influx of ‘traffic calming’ speed bumps. Unfortunately not all drivers were aware of this and so some were in for a bumpy ride.

Off we headed across the golf course, past the back of a housing scheme and over the main road to the entrance of Letham Glen. Entering the glen, we made our way up the main path, recalling the last time Bennochy Walkers had covered this walk and of the hilarity we had as various members had tried their hand at the outdoor exercise equipment. Too cold today to stop, we had to keep moving onwards although we did have time to pause while Isobel dispensed the boiled sweets to help us on our way. On leaving the glen, we veered right, following a farm track which eventually brought us to the edge of Blacketyside Farm. Here we crossed the main road into Silverburn Park, shortly picking up the golf course path again, leading us back to the Promenade car park.

A short drive brought us to Wellsgreen Golf Range, our very welcome stop for the obligatory tea, coffee and scones which were enjoyed by everyone along with the smooth, faultless service.

While we enjoyed our tea and coffee it was mentioned to the group that the Bennochy Walkers Blog seemed to have fallen by the wayside. It was agreed that this duty would now be shared by Ian and Kerry with the option that anyone leading any further walk could write their own blog if they desired. All present seemed happy with this arrangement including todays walk leader. (thank you Audrey) 

Next walk agreed for Sun 7th April.

Kerry 😀

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