Sunday, July 15, 2018

Raith Wood - part of Kirkcaldy Walking Festival

Starting off walking down Wester Bogie Road, eleven walkers entered Raith Woods, through Raith housing estate , along Boglily Rd then crossed at Raith Lake into more woodland where the walkers had to search for 12 items - a feather, a right-angled stick,  a photo of a squirrel, a nettle plait among others. The walkers were very intense, ensuring that all their boxes were ticked. 
We exited at Kirkcaldy Golf Club then crossed through Beveridge Park where we met up with other Bennochy Walkers who weren’t able to make it today. A short distance on to Oriel Road, we picked up the cars and headed for Bennochy Church where ladies had made scones, Viennese whirls, chocolate squares and gingerbread. It was such a lovely day we set the table in the church garden. At that point, we marked the scavenger quiz - there were some crazy answers - and the winners won prizes suitable for walkers.
There weren’t as many participants  as we’d hoped for, but given that this was the final of the World Cup as well as the final of Men’s Wimbledon, these were very good reasons to stay home today. For those of us who made it, 5.8 miles on a lovely summers day with good company. Very satisfying.