Monday, February 19, 2018

Limekilns and Charleston

Limekilns and Charleston


The walk began by making our way along to Limekilns Harbour area where we admired the boats and had our first photo stop.  We looped back and walked along the Esplanade. The sea was very calm – unlike the cold, windy conditions on the recce!  We had eleven walkers and the chat was good.

On reaching Charleston harbour, the old Limekilns buildings restoration work was in progress by Historic Scotland.  We read on the plaque about the history of the building and could only imagine how hard and dangerous the work would have been.

Further along we took a path up to a higher level and continued passed the Elgin Hotel. Rows of lovely little cottages along the way and all very peaceful - apart from our group blethering. We headed down towards the Esplanade again and made our way along to our coffee stop at ‘The Ship’ where we were given a very warm welcome and excellent service. As is often the case when we finish a walk it started to drizzle rain.

Fed and satisfied we headed back to the cars and Audrey realised she had lost her hat. Fortunately it was found back at The Ship so all ended well. After saying our usual walker’s prayer at the cars, we headed for home. It was a 4 mile walk today.

Next walk will be on 11th March when Janis and Audrey will lead. Details to follow.