Sunday, December 18, 2016

Raith Woods

After all the recent frost we got a warmer and dry day to go for our walk in Raith Woods. We last did this walk in October 2013 and as the nights are drawing in with less daylight we need to consider local walks. This fitted the bill perfectly

The woods were lovely with the fallen leaves, if slightly muddy in parts. We had some lovely views over the fields surrounding the woods and met a few other intrepid explores either out for a walk like us or doing the dog walk
The picture taken was at the top of the drive of Raith House and as we had just had a sweetie stop we were all busy sooking our sweeties, hence the look on some faces!

The walk was roughly 4.5 miles and of course we were ready for our coffee stole which was at the Dean Park Hotel. Plenty of scones and refills of coffee and tea will ensure that we will return

As this was our last walk of 2016 all good wishes for a very happy Christmas and a new year filled with peace and health to all our friends and families

Friday, November 11, 2016

October 30th 2016 Elie, Earlsferry, and Kilconquar loch

16 walkers left the church on a lovely autumn day, we welcomed Lorraine Linda and Janet who hadn't joined us for awhile and a surprise guest Suzy from Australia.
Leaving Ruby Bay car park we walked though Elie Estate to Kilconquar loch and beautiful views . Leaving the estate we crossed the main road to open fields and more great views with Largo Law to our left ,the roof tops of Earlsferry to our right and Shellbay in front of us and some deer made that part of the walk unforgettable.
  Soon we where passing the golf course and with the pavilion cafe in view we met Joe and Grace. A nice cup of tea and some other refreshments where enjoyed by all ! (Another nice cafe to add to our list)
  On the last leg now we walked through the village and on to the harbour where we were just in time to see the sun set over the bay and some great photos . We finished back at ruby bay and the walkers prayer.
   Thanks to all for the great company and for making another walk very enjoyable .x

Monday, October 03, 2016

Townhill Loch Dunfermline

A beautiful blue sky and warm sunshine greeted us as we left in the cars heading for Townhill Loch and Wood. A very select group of 8 walkers today so 2 cars transported us very comfortably

Parking the cars near the The Loch Cafe we set out to walk a bit around the loch watching the water skiers busy at their sport. A bit too strenuous for us, watching was tiring enough. We then left the path and headed over a stile at one end of a field, doing a shimmey under what we though was an electric fence, being escorted through a field of inquizative horses by the owner of the horses and then over the final stile. Work out completed we were then able to enjoy the remainder of the walk

We were blessed with lovely views over the bridges, Edinburgh and the Pentlands and took a photo opportunity at the village sign. A lovely walk through the woods eventually led us on the path back to the Loch Cafe where we enjoyed our refreshments

Well done everyone on enduring the workout


Tuesday, July 19, 2016


On Sunday 3rd July we had a lovely walk around Letham village and Monimail. This was a repeat walk as we had walked it some years previously but it was just as nice this time around. Letham is a pretty wee village with traditional cottages and lovely cottage gardens with flowers blooming. You very quickly walk through the the village and up School Brae, a bit of a pech. We headed west and then south taking us past Monimail Parsh Church to a road junction where there was a large triangular piece of grass with a seat and large tree which later offered a bit of shelter when we stopped to have our picnic

At this point there are two graveyards, one very old with a part structure of the original church and a newer graveyard, of which we had a walk around. The names on the grave stones caused much discussion especially when we saw names such as Stark and Traill

Bearing north we walked up a lane/track and were greeted by a wee dog who wanted to say hello. Horses in the fields were also very inquizative. We continued up this track until we took the turn for Pathcondie Farm which then took us in a circuit back to our picnic site. On our approach Joe opened the boot of the car and brought out a picnic table, flasks, cups, home baked cakes and biscuits. Well a small shower wasn't going to dampen that

Suitably restored we investigated Monimail tower and gardens before heading back to our cars parked at Letham village hall. This was a lovely peaceful walk which gave good countryside views and could easily be extended to give a longer walk

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Dysart to W Wemyss and return

Kirkcaldy to West Wemyss and return

Following a lovely week of weather we had high hopes for our wee bit coastal path walk and we weren't disappointed.
Parking at Dysart harbour we headed east along the coastal path which bordered Dysart village to the lovely conservation village of West Wemyss. The countryside was blooming with vegetation probably at its best. There was a cooling breeze coming off the Forth so some of us were wearing more layers than others
Tongues went like the clappers with vast and various topics ranging from Power of Attorney, Ronnie's recent trip to the USA to Andy Murray's current tennis match. Reaching West Wemyss after about 2 and a bit miles we headed for the Walk In Wemyss or now renamed as the Suburban Pantry in the middle of the High Street. This was a lovely wee coffee stop with lots of choice of goodies.14 customers left well satisfied. Hello Jo, it was lovely that you could meet us there with your daughter, grandson and dog
The return journey was just as good and tongues never tiring we were soon back in Dysart concluding with our walkers prayer and a photo stop at Dysart harbour

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

24th May

Mary showed the group the quilt she has been making at home for Rachael House's 21st year. It is really beautiful Mary and the rainbow signifies hope in a place where children's  lives  are prayed for so deeply. 
Mary and Margaret preparing the wallhanging for quilting. 
And the new Mrs Morris, just back from her recent marriage in Boston, makes the tab tops which we'll attach next time. Its really coming together now. 

The group is planning to have a car boot sale to raise funds for our next wallhanging whuch we wull start after the summer break. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016


We had a lovely walk on Sunday 8 May in Falkland Estate which just happened to coincide with The Open Studios Day. Falkland was abuzz with visitors and the wee shops busy as we left the car park to head towards the start of our walk around part of the estate. We were really pleased to have Hilda back with us again after her recovery from injury. The weather was sunny and warm and was bringing people and their dogs out in droves.

Our first wee sojourn was to the Centre of Stewardship situated in a lovely old building which also hosts a cafe. There are lovely sets of wooden seats outside ranging in size, just like daddy bear, mummy bear and baby bear sizes and just shouting out for a photo opportunity. Inside a lady was carding and hand spinning wool. We would have loved to stop longer but the walk awaited

Heading uphill and past a small farm we walked on grassy tracks where the butterflies were sunning themselves and then onto a forest track where everyone enjoyed the shade. Descending again we arrived at Hollytree Crafts a woodworking workshop owned by two brother. One makes smaller items and the other does internal work in houses, bespoke staircases etc. Wilma and I sat on a lovely stool made out of 9 different woods which spelt out BE AT PEACE, just lovely

Walking past the Pillars of Hercules folks were sitting in the cafe, in the patio area and in the garden. We headed back to Falkland to the Hayloft Cafe where 15 of us (lovely to see Joe who joined us there) enjoyed scones, cakes and coffees. Thanks to the staff who very kindly accommodated us and worked late so we could enjoy our refreshments

Back to the carpark we said our walkers prayer and gave thanks for our time spent with friends

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Wemyss 10th April 2016

Coastal and country walk

It was drizzling a bit as we left the church but forever hopeful we set out in the cars for West Wemyss. Parking at the lovely wee harbour at West Wemyss we struck out on the coastal path for East Wemyss. Rain had made the path a bit muddy so there was some dodging of puddles but as we walked on the drizzle stopped and the sun came out. The most strenuous part of the walk was the climb from the shore up towards McDuff Castle but there's a couple of benches where we had a brief stop to get our breath back

Crossing the A 955 we followed a  small path which led onto a grassy track, some bits a bit muddy and walked out into the countryside. We headed up a lovely track towards Easter Newton farmhouse, now sadly boarded up. This was the home of Mr & Mrs Shedden who worship at Bennochy and was their home for 52 years. They regularly walked the track from the farmhouse to the church at East Wemyss and also hosted the Sunday School picnic in the field in front of the house. Mr Shedden recalled filling up an urn of cows milk from their dairy for the children coming to the picnic. 

Daffodils were in full bloom, some in great swathes and others in in small clusters. Spring greens were starting to show in the hedgerows and trees and the birds were singing away enjoying the warmth from the sun. Following tracks and paths we walked into Coaltown of Wemyss and from there it was all downhill and back to the cars at West Wemyss

Driving to Wellsgreen Golf Range we enjoyed our tea, coffee and cakes before saying our walkers prayer and heading home. This was a slightly longer walk at 6 miles and s lovely day to enjoy it in

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Birnie and Gaddon Lochs and Collessie

A lovely calm and dry afternoon greeted us as 16 walkers started our walk from Birnie & Gadden Loch car park. It was lovely to have Joe with us again and he paced himself as we set out on the mostly clean paths around the lochs. The car park was busy today and most folks must have had the same idea to get out and enjoy the spring like weather. 

We admired the beautiful daffodils adding a splash of welcome colour to the countryside and noted some bushes sprouting their new green growth. The groups of dainty but resilient snowdrops reminded me when the St Johns BBs planted snowdrops during a small service we held in the church garden following the Dunblane tragedy, exactly 20 years ago. How time moves on

Walking around Gaddon Loch and some way around Birnie Loch we then left them behind as we headed for Collessie, a beautiful conservation hamlet. Luckily we had Isabel back with us and she regularly visited her grandparents home and she was able to regale us with lots of information. There are lots of lovely thatched cottages and wee wynds. We stopped at the tap where she was sent to fill the pail with water before she had to lug it back to the cottage. 

Pooh sticks then just happen to be mentioned so nothing would do but Pooh sticks were sourced and sent off sailing under the wee bridge that crossed the Den Burn. 6 were launched and three sailed successfully under the bridge. As you can see we were intent on spotting them!

Passing the Thatched Studio (The Auld Washie), Marianna Lines the Artist hailed us and opened the studio so we could look around. Marianna told us about the conversion of the wash house and built into the walls we spotted an Ammonite, pieces of pottery and some bones together with small pebbles and large stones

Retracing our steps we completed the walk around Birnie Loch, collected our cars and made our way to the Lomond Hills Hotel in Freuchie, where we were warmly welcomed into the lounge with lit fire where we enjoyed coffee, tea and scones

Another lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Markinch and

After all the amount of rain we've had over the last few weeks we were keeping our fingers crossed that our walk would take place. 
Parking in Balbirnie Park we had a very short walk along the B 9130 into Markinch where we took a left turn into Commercial Street leading us into School Street and then Northall Road which took us under the railway viaduct and to the start of the Braes Loan Circular Trail, a historical walk. A very good information board and leaflets were available here and obviously a good sweetie stop. Starting at this point the walk is 2.5 miles and after a short, steepish, muddyish start you soon get lovely views of the Lomond Hills and over the Forth to Berwick Law, and Arthur Seat. The track is well signposted with various points where you can stop and enjoy the views and There is another information board half way along the walk. Balgonie Castle is pictured on the information board but it took the 14 of us quite a while to spot it in reality and we only did that because we saw a very tiny Saltire fluttering in the distance above a group of trees. A photo opportunity here with a field of sheep watching the high jinks
Following the circular route we returned to Markinch and made a bee line to Banners House where tea, coffee and scones awaited us. We were very comfortable and cosy here and as always the chat flowed through a variety of topics and all too soon we were on our way back to the cars. As always good friends, good company and dry weather

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dunnikier Park 24th January

The walking group were pleased to have Irene and Lorraine join us on Sunday 24th January . We left Asda's car park to walk through dunnikier park and the woods that skirt the golf course. The top path was very muddy with big puddles but no one had a Dawn French moment thankfully. We carried on along the path to carberry road and the industrial estate , it's not the prettiest place in kirkcaldy but it's not helped by the fly tippers who think it's ok to dump rubbish there ! The rest of the estate is very tidy and we walked on to the garden centre, June met us there and we all enjoyed tea and scone etc at the cafe. Back along the main road to our cars we were pleased we went on the walk, the weather was ok dry and mild for a change. Thanks to all who joined Audrey and me and for your great company.

Friday, January 08, 2016


The planned walk to Anstruther had to be abandoned today as the weather was pretty wild and one by one, walkers were chickening out until we were down to four people. So we chose the Limekilns route we did in 2012 instead. Folk seeing us with walking gear on at church thought we were mad but we four carried on regardless in the pelting rain.
By the time we parked up at Limekilns it had calmed down to a monsoon so we donned our waterproofs and made our way along the promenade, Taking the path along the saltpans road at Charleston and past the old harbour, we found a 'short cut' through glaur to West Road and out into country roads. We walked a circle bringing us back into Charleston village where coffee and scones were enjoyed at the Elgin Hotel.
Making our way back to the car, it was dry but cauld and Janis Phil, Carol and Dianne agreed that it had been worthwhile doing the walk to blow away the cobwebs from the old year.