Sunday, December 15, 2019


We had a lot to get through today so as soon as we could, the ‘15 walkers walking’ set off like an added addition to the 12 days of christmas on our local walk leaving Dianne and Ian behind at the church to make the preparations for the crafting we had to look forward to on our return. 

We set off from the church heading towards the old  Forth Park Maternity Hospital briefly pausing to have a look at the demolition work that has been started on it’s transformation into luxury flats.  Heading towards Longbraes we carried on, uphill all the way until we reached the top stopping to look downwards over Kirkcaldy, then downhill and a left turn bringing us onto Oriel Road. Here we began the journey back to the church, weaving through various streets until reaching our destination. Thanks to Hilda for planning our walk.

Crafting time was about to begin


Stephen and Ian had been tasked with creating a rustic christmas tree from old pallet wood with a very successful end result. 

Luckily Dianne had already started to prepare our wooden boards with stag templates for our string art session saving us a fair bit of time and showing what we should be doing. 

It certainly wasn’t as easy as it looked and unfortunately most of us ran out of time as our food was due to arrive. However we were able to take our crafts home to finish at our leisure. 

Valente’s delivered directly to the church, a variety of puddings, fish and chips which was enjoyed by everyone. 

We still had our fun quiz arranged by Ian and Sybil to look forward to. Allegedly easy but only easy if you knew the answers (which I didn’t). Once the quiz came to an end, it was time to tidy up the church hall and wish everyone a Merry Christmas before we headed home. 

Yet again, another great day spent with lovely people. A big thank you to everyone who arranged a part of it and to all those who attended making the event as enjoyable as it was. And yes, when I got home I did finish my stag!

See you all next year. Merry Christmas Everyone!


And the finished articles - well done Kerry and Isobel